Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back Again

So last time I tried this blog I didnt have a direction.  I was trying too many differant things.  I decided our family (the two tiny ones specifically) are crazy enough that they are more than enough to blog about. 

So recently our entire lifestyle changed.  We were incredibly blessed to have my mom stay at home with the kiddos.  I was entirely spoiled as she competely kept our house running.  The kids would wake up and immediately ask where Grandma was - since Mommy was completely incapable of getting chocolate milk and poptarts.  Grandma also did all our laundry and helped us keep our house from falling into complete chaos.  Grandma is now needed to take care of yet another role model of mine, my 95 year old Granny Ruth - who until recently still lived on her own. 

So we found a wonderful day care in Virginia Beach that is also a Lutheran Preschool. Mimi is in the 2.5 year old class and Caiden has joined the 4 year olds.  They have a huge playground (this kids number 1 requirement) and a wonderful learning environment complete with chapel services with a guitar playing Pastor.  Caiden has also informed us that this is the perfect school as it has 3 Caidens in his class.  And as everyone knows you can't just have 2 of anything - 3 is the perfect number.

This new day care situation now means these adorable children actually have to get up, get dressed and drive to work with me each day.   My trip to work is now much more exciting than I ever could have managed. 

Every morning we now fight the bad guys who are always chasing our car.  My car has some kind of Bad Guy Homing device that helps bad guys find us where ever we are going.  Thankfully I always travel with at least 3 spidermans, a Batman, a Joker who has now turned into a good guy, and a few puppies, kitties, and an alligator (thrown in by Mimi).  Once this becomes old we usually sing songs and at some point start arguing over lyrics.  The two of them just can not decide on the proper way to end Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (a fight I can end) or the right words to some new song they learned in Spanish (this argument I can not end).  We finally end up grooving the rest of the way to school to Phineus and Ferb - something we somehow all agree on.

Then - right as we are almost to school - the kids start screaming at me that I have yet again missed their school.  The Caiden says - "Silly Mama - U-turn Again." And yes we U-turn again as this is the only way into their school. 
Then we park, race to the door, and the kids are so excited they almost forget me kiss goodbye. 

So this is our morning. Honestly, it has doubled in chaos, but that is what keeps life exciting!!  And the best part - I dont have to wait for a 30 minute ride home to see them again!


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