Monday, August 20, 2012

Freeze Dance

So yet another Monday behind us.   Morning routine went smoothly as the kiddos were convinced we had to hurry for school because their friends were waiting for them.  Mommy as usual was making them late my insisting of things like breakfast and clothes, but we made it. 

On the way home I did the normal how was your day and got the same simple answer good. 
So what did you do - played.
Great.  So Mondays they have a Music and Movement class thing so I asked about that.  This sparked something in Caiden and here is what followed

M: How was dance class?
C: Ok but I didn't do something good.
M: Thats ok.  We can't do everything perfect, but what did you do and maybe we can work on it together.
C: It was freeze dance.  I just can't do it Mama.
M:  Well how come?
C: It's my powers, Mama,  they are just too strong.  When the music stops you are suppose to freeze but my powers just keep me dancing.  I just can't do it.   My powers like to dance. 

Ok so here is where I started giggling.   He continued on and on about how his super powers are just so strong that he can't freeze dance.  I told him we would practice and it would be ok. He didn't quite believe me but I told him we would try.  The best part is he gave my husband the same story so he really believes his powers keep him from freezing. 

All I can say is wow.  Imaginary friends I was ready for but no one mentioned Super Powers.

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